Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Best art experience in Denmark



We just love this museum. Therefore we have joint forces with Louisiana and is proud to announce, that you'll have free admission to the museum between Sep. 25-28!

Louisiana - Museum of Modern Art is located a short train ride north of Copenhagen. While passing the beautiful coastal line, get yourself prepared for a mix of innovative, world-class art and modernist classics.
Louisiana is acknowledged as a milestone in modern Danish architecture and is noted for its synthesis of art, architecture, and nature. The 60-year-old museum is set into the countryside, with striking Danish Modern architecture built around an old estate that overlooks the sea. The gallery rooms, dripping with natural light, feature an amazing permanent collection of Scandinavian and international artists as well as large traveling exhibitions.

If the architecture and the art do not already fulfill you, visit the well-curated museum shop that has been awarded as the best museum shop in the world!

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